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if you don’t like the fact that england can’t take the shit that he dishes out you’re wrong





There are a bunch of human shaped gates in the middle of Times Square….and people are trying to fit themselves in them…..holy shit…..

The Enigma of Times Square Fault.


I would’ve been so disappointed if that image wasn’t what I thought it was.


So instead of working on my Otakon keychains I was struck with the urge to draw soccer Hetalia WHAT IS MY LIFE

It’s been forever since I’ve drawn GerIta, it’s kind of nostalgic;;; Anyway, this is going to go alongside my other Hetalia postcards at the convention.


Free! :: Edo Period AU
My 2P hetalia headcanon/theory


Ok, so I’m honestly not a massive fan of the “violent maniacs” that fandom seems has given the 2p’s, and also the idea that they come from mirrors, so here’s what I think.

All that we know is that hima stated that they were drawn in the style of criminal leaders, or something like that, which is why so many people gave them ‘crazy’ personalities, but honestly my main thing about them is wondering why the personifications of the worlds nations would be criminal masterminds. After working that out, we’ll arrive at my headcanon personalities.

In canon, it’s been shown that the 1p’s don’t know everything, and really for the most part they know what the people know, plus a bit of information their bosses give them, or they find out because of work. So perhaps the 2p’s know everything about their country; truths behind conspiracies, who’s bribing who, all the dark secrets etc. So then maybe they decided to create an organization to try and stop this? All of their official chibis make them look angry/determined/sad/psychopathic (even the more cheerful 2p chibis, like Americas looks pretty angry or something to me), so it could be that the stuff that they are doomed to keep secret forever angers them or breaks them inside.

I also think that for the most part, they acted as normal citizens, because, for the most part, their outfits seem to be casual, but it also looks like they are always ready for a fight, so maybe they get attacked a lot? Is it possible that they worked as spies or something at some point?
While they might be from a different universe than canon, if they are from the same universe, then I doubt that the 1p’s would ever be allowed to know about them, because they could tell them stuff, and then riots or something could start? The 2p’s might know about the 1p’s though…

Individual personalities:

Since for the most part, there are more nyo 2p designs, I’ll base their personalities on these, 

  • 2p France seems to be someone that is nice, and inviting, but underneath her politeness, is actually pretty sad? 
  • 2p England looks like someone who feigns confidence and politeness, but is actually really nervous and doesn’t know how to properly talk to people at all, and likes to make chocolate and stuff to cheer people up because thats the only way she knows that works?
  • 2p America looks ready to defend anything precious with her baseball bat, ad looks like she will laugh any injury dealt to her, even if it really hurts.
  • 2p Canada looks upset, and seems reserved, but it looks like she would get past her reservations to do something that she thinks is important
  • 2p Russia looks like she knows everything about her history, including the infinite no. of conspiracies in her countries past. She seems a little demented, but will laugh all the time, no matter what. Unlike her 1p, she might be aware of her own loss of sanity, though?
  • I have no clue about 2p China. 
  • 2p Japan seems like the sort that follows orders, no matter how despicable they are, and seems like she is prepared for a battle she doesn’t wish to fight.
  • 2p Italy seems very confident and cheerful, but her smirk makes it look like shes ready to do several dirty deeds? idk
  • Unlike the other 2p!axis, 2p Germany looks genuinlly happy and ready to fight, so she could either have possibly joined  a resistance group(??) or honestly likes her work. The scars might be because she disobeyed orders?? idk
  • 2p Prussia seems MUCH more serious than her counterpart, so perhaps she was never able to joke around, and make everything seem better? As with 2p Germany, she has scar, which again, could possibly be from disobeying orders?

If you don’t like it, you don’t need to agree!


 I went into a random dream town and this person has a chair, a box of tissues, and a picture of Carlton in their basement.




it’s him


it’s the theater thug




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